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Market value assessments

SVPR assists clients and companies in establishing market value for selected properties by considering each property’s unique characteristics. The characteristics vary by property purchaser; some clients focus on size, age, and finish, while others focus on property condition, locality, and layout.
Market value assessment is widely considered to be the fairest system for distributing the property tax burden. Assessors and taxpayers check assessments by comparing recent sales and prices of similar properties in the neighbourhood.

Capital Gains

Our experienced and registered valuers have the knowledge and expertise to conduct valuations for CGT purposes if you’re required to pay CGT on the sale of your property. A property valuation is required to offer accurate information about the property’s value, and it is particularly important when an individual or corporation is charged significantly higher or lower taxes than they should be. We have a lot of expertise preparing detailed reports for you to submit to the ATO. In a range of industries, we provide unbiased valuation and skilled property guidance.

Rent Assessment

Rent assessments involve a tribunal where applications are received by either landlord or tenant for a rent assessment. Rental agreements and terms must be carefully assessed by both the renter and the rentee before the documents are signed.
We provide rental agreement and rent assessment services to gauge if all terms mentioned in the rental agreement are legally viable and if the rent being charged is fair. If the rent being charged is unfairly high or better properties are available at a lower rent, we guide our clients toward such properties.

Family Law

We provide expert valuation services for divorce and property settlement cases under Family Law rules. When finalising financial relationships post-separation, obtaining current property valuations is crucial. The value of assets at the time of court orders determines the financial settlement. In case of disagreement, our qualified asset valuators offer admissible evidence in court.

Construction Valuations

Our expert professionals provide valuation services across many asset classes to the uppermost global standards that are underpinned by global valuation giants. SVPR provides construction valuation services led by our analysts and done in accordance with business valuation standards.
Construction valuation includes the scrutinizing of assets so that adjustments can be made to consider construction costs. Other stages include the capitalisation of earnings method, a meticulous process that uses weighting of actual historical earnings.

Unit Entitlements

Efficient and accurate unit entitlement calculations and valuations align with the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 in NSW. Enacted on November 30, 2016, the Strata Reform Act made it illegal for developers to determine unit entitlements, requiring a ‘Qualified Valuer’ to assess based on Market Value. The Tribunal may allow changes if deemed unreasonable, enabling specified parties to protest and request reassessment. Adhering to professional standards and the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015, we issue Valuer’s Certificates promptly. Serving developers of all sizes, we provide timely unit entitlement valuations to mitigate construction delays across commercial, industrial, and residential strata complexes.

Stamp Duty

At Southern Valuers & Property Services, we carry out property valuations for stamp duty assessments. This is the tax charged by the government on the completion of certain transactions, including property. We will ensure that you are paying the correct tax on your purchase, and can assist you in meeting any necessary tax deadlines.

Rental Assessments For Tenants And Landlords

Tenants and landlords can benefit from rental assessments carried out by our experienced professionals. We will ensure both parties sign a fair and legally viable rental contract. This may involve a tribunal, in which case we will guide you through each stage of the process. Should we discern that a rental agreement is unfair, we can suggest alterations or alternative properties for tenants to consider.

Insurance Replacement

Southern Valuers & Property Services can provide an accurate insurance replacement valuation that outlines the cost it would take to restore your property to its current position.
An Insurance Replacement Valuation is a report which assesses the accurate replacement cost of a building in an event that would cause any loss or damage to the property. This protects you in the event of damage to your home or business, preventing a shortfall between the cost of repairs and the payout of your insurance firm.

SMSF Property Valuations

SMSF, or Self-Managed Super Funds, are used by individuals to save for their retirement. This involves putting your money into a fund you are responsible for insuring and investing as a trustee. It is recommended that any assets included in an SMSF be valued every three years. Southern Valuers & Property Services can complete SMSF property valuations to the current market value.

Pre-purchase & Pre-sale

Planning to buy or sell a property? It is important that you receive an accurate valuation of the building or land in question. Southern Valuers & Property Services are available to carry out pre-purchase and pre-sale valuations, so you understand how much the property you are dealing with is actually worth.

Expert Witness

When you require an expert witness in matters of property law, Southern Valuers & Property Services are available to help. We can assess your case, creating a detailed report that can be presented as evidence to support your case in court. Our property law professionals are available to assist with disputes over land, adverse possessions, tenancy disputes and cases of real estate fraud.

Property Portfolio Review

Are you making the most of your property investments? Our property experts can review your portfolio to establish whether you are receiving the maximum return on your investments. We will ensure all of your properties are meeting the necessary legislation and that you are charging the right rent to tenants. Whether you have just a couple of properties on your books or have invested heavily in property, we can provide a comprehensive review.

Retrospective Valuations

Do you require a retrospective valuation on a property? Whether there is a dispute between owners and mortgage lenders, you are selling a property via inheritance, or you suspect an incorrect valuation has previously been carried out, Southern Valuers & Property Services can provide an accurate retrospective valuation.

Service Areas

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We provide our valuation and property assessment services in the following locations in New South Wales:

1. Bankstown
2. Bayside
3. Bega Valley
4. Camden
5. Campbelltown
6. Canberra and snowy mountains region
7. Canterbury
8. Eurobodalla
9. Fairfield
10. Georges River
11. Liverpool
12. Shellharbour
13. Shoalhaven
14. Sutherland Shire
15. Upper Lachlan Shire
16. Wingecarribee
17. Wollondilly
18. Wollongong